experimental equipment
Vilber Fusion SOLO X
CHemiluminescence & Fluorescence imaging
Vilber Fusion SOLO X
Empowering your exploration. Redefining the limits.
Vilber Fusion SOLO X
  • Information
    • Custom Made Super Sharp Lens
      Fusion custom made lens for enhanced sensitivity and sharpness.
    • SuperSensitivity
      Time to get the image is drastically reduced and precious antibody can be saved.
    • Auto-Exposure
      One click to take the image for an unrivaled ease of use.
    • Optional Fluorescence Detection
      Upgrade your system as you want from UV fluorescence to IR/NIR channels.
Camera & Optic
FUSION Solo 6X with the eVo-6 camera
resolution oriented camera, ideal for publication
eVo-6 camera :
  • Unrivalled custom made lens f/0.70
  • Scientific grade CCD camera
  • Grade 0, zero defect
  • Image resolution: 20 megapixels
  • Native resolution: 2838x2224
  • -55° C maximum cooling differential from ambient
  • -30°C absolute and regulated cooling via three stages Peltier thermoelectric cooler
  • High Sensitivity reading (HSR) technology
  • USB-3 connection
Steel and stainless steel darkroom for long lasting robustness. Wide access door.
Smart Darkroom technology :
  • 5 sample tray positions
  • Software control of the lighting
  • Automatic visible lighting adjustment
Free software for image acquisition with full GLP compliance.
Smart Darkroom technology :
  • Molecular weight calculation, band quantification, colony counting, distance calculation, text annotation and image enhancement included
  • CFR21 Part 11 ready